PLATINCARE 360 ml, hydrogen peroxide solution for lenses
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Soleko PLATINUM/PLATINCARE Peroxide 100/360 ml - a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a platinum catalyst, intended for cleaning, disinfection, neutralization and removal of proteins from soft and hard contact lenses, with the exception of color/cosmetic lenses.


- Has an increased bactericidal effect;

- PLATINUM/PLATINCARE solution meets ISO requirements for effectiveness against bacteria and fungi;

- Platinum neutralizing disk ensures neutralization of 3% hydrogen;

- PLATINUM/PLATINCARE solution does not contain preservatives and can be used by lens wearers sensitive to preservatives as specified in the MPS;

- Effective cleaning and disinfection;

- Suitable for use with soft and hard contact lenses, excluding colored/cosmetic lenses.


1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly with a clean, lint-free towel.

2. Place the right lens in the white basket marked R and the left lens in the basket marked L, close both baskets.

3. Fill the container to the marked line. Keep the container upright. Do not overfill the container with solution. Place the lens holder in the container and close it tightly.


5. The action of peroxide begins when the lens is completely immersed in the solution.

6. To ensure complete disinfection and neutralization, keep lenses for at least 6 hours or overnight before wearing.

7. Before putting the lenses on your eyes, rinse them with Yal Fresh solution.

8. Always empty any remaining solution from the container. Rinse the lens case and leave it open to dry.

9. If lenses have been in the same solution for more than 24 hours, repeat the cleaning procedure.

10. Close the PLATINUM/PLATINCARE bottle and keep it out of the reach of children.

11. Correct operation of the solution is determined by the formation of oxygen bubbles. If these bubbles do not form, do not use the product.

12. Do not use if you are hypersensitive or allergic to some components.

13. In case of persistent discomfort or irritation, stop use and consult a professional.


Disinfectant: 3% hydrogen peroxide

Stabilizing agents: sodium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, EDTA, phosphoric acid

Neutralization: Platinum-based neutralization catalyst

Others: Phosphoric acid, sodium chloride, boric acid, purified water

Disinfection/neutralization time: min 6 hours

Suitable for soft and hard contact lenses, except color/cosmetic ones.

Storage temperature: 5-25 degrees

Shelf life after opening the bottle: 60 days

Available bottle volume: 100 ml | 360 ml